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with the holidays coming around the corner, it’s always my favorite time of the year to bake delicious holiday cookies. When  I was reading the article from about, 24 new christmas cookie recipes from viewers my mouth began to water and I knew I found a few new recipes to try out this winter. This news site has an annula cookie issue that postds christmas cookie  recipes from their readers. They ask for submissions at the end of august then through out the fall narrow it down until the have 2 dozen recipes, from a bank of 600 recipes submitted. The only rules that are required for submission of ones cookie recipe is that it cant be found in a lot of cookbooks, unless it is a common cookie with a twist to it. The other rule is that it can’t be fussy to make or require special equipment. If your looking for some new, creative cookie recieps check out this website!



With all this studying trying to prepare for my finals, every now and then I need a breather from it all. If you are feeling stressed with some weight on your shoulders, all you need is a little pick me up and a good laugh. My solution for you is to check out fml. Everyone has heard of the term fml, but this site provides people’s submissions of  daily stories that really are fml’er. These will definitely give you a laugh or two, and will for sure fulfil that breather you need from studying!

It’s that time of the year again, tis the season to give to family and friends! With the mad rush at the shopping mall trying to buy last minute gifts, why not shop online this year? I was checking out a online shopping center called Zappos, which offers shoes, clothing, bags and accessories for women men and kids, this is the most convenient place to shop online for that perfect gift. The great thing about Zappos is that whatever item you want to shop for,  it allows you to narrow it down to the subcategory, style, size, width, and color that you choose, also which price range you are looking for. In addition its free shipping and free returns for 365 days! Check it out!

For my final project I wanted to create a blog for sales club. Because I am the VP marketing for sales club, I wanted to create a new way to market to current or potential sales club memebers. I thought making a blog would be something new, different, and a fun way to market our club and get other memebers more involved and post their opinions about sales club. For each meeting, I posted a description of the company who was coming to speak for that week. The only down fall with this was that the blog was put together later in the quarter, which meant our autumn quarter line up was near finished for the quarter. However, I would like to continue writing in this blog for winter and spring quarter & hopefully get it going so that other people can join & start posting. It is just too new & sales club was wrapping up for the quarter by the time I completed my project. Other than the company line up for the week, I included pages: what sales club is, why join it, and our company partners. I linked our facebook group, website, and a the page for the sales certificate program on my first post. I would eventually like to have this blog linked to our website so people who are checking out the website can click on our blog. Overall, I am really excited to have created a new marketing tool for sales club. I have informed the other sales club officiers about this blog and they were all really excited about it. I really hope to get this blog up and going and potentially have people posting on it.

Sales Club Blog

As far as right now, my blog is coming along well. I didn’t exactly follow my timeline, because I decided to add several pages in at a time instead of one new one each week. I don’t think that really makes a difference because I ended up finishing it earlier than expected. I really want to add something to my blog to make it stand out more. And my biggest problem is getting my blog out to the public so people will actually read it. I have made 3 posts, but won’t really have a reason to write my weekly posts about which company is coming in because Sales Club is over for this quarter. I think I might look on our website for companies who have posted sales career positions open to apply for and add another page titled job openings in sales field.

Convergence and bundling, three separate technologies of a telephone, TV, and internet combined have really created a convenitent enriching communicdation combination at a cheaper cost.  As stated in the article, Your Telephone is Ringing, “Convergence really means the freedom for consumers to use any service under any circumstances they choose to.”

As of today, convergence is  becoming more and more popular with a company out buying another to emerge their services into providing one conglomerate provider. This is extremely smart and convenient because it is providing the option for people to have all three types of communication buy by one provider. One convergence I can think of at the top of my head is Comcast. I know that myself and many other people use comcast and it provides them with their internet service, cable tv, and a phone line.

As for quadruple play, which is a combination of a fixed and mobile phone, broadband internet, and TV access. I think this combination will be the most beneficial because people are constantly on their mobile phones so having a provider that has all communication sources will be a win win situation. I don’t see why many operating companies have not looked into adapting into this trend of convergence and bundling becuase it could be something useful to a wide varitey of people.

What are positive and negative aspects of convergence?

Convergence seems to be adapting to a lot of operating companies, do you believe this will be the only option of services in the future? why?

For this week I posted my first blog post about which company is coming in to speak for this coming week. As of right now my blog is coming along very well. I have the blog up and going with our clubs logo on the header. I have categories created, and several pages added to the  blog including about sales club, our sponors, and our company line up for the quarter. I will be posting weekly a breif description of which company is coming in to speak.

So I had my presentation Wednesday, and I thought it went alright.  I was kinda disapointed because some of my slides did not show up when I was giving my presentation so it kind of threw me off, it was weird because they  were there when I looked over it the day I created it.  It didnt really make sense to me, but it worked out in the end and I was still able  to discuss things that didnt have a slide. I thought my topic about facebook and advertising was different and interesting. The class seemed engaged and participated in the discussion after. I thought the class was interested because I brought  to their attention the way facebook targets their audience and the class realized that the ads that show up on their page really are tailored to them. I thought i was pretty prepared for my presentation and was able to give an engaging presentation to the class.  If I were to do it differently I would make sure that my slideshow was working and had all of my slides that needed to be on there.

Overall, It turned out pretty well regardless of the missing slides, and I think they class was pretty interested in my topic.

Facebook advertising

facebook advertising

I decided to research facebook’s advertising method & how companies of all sorts are using it to specifically target a certain group that will be more inclined to purchase that companies product.


Watching DVDs online has gotten easy than ever. With Netflix, you simply have to sign up for an account pay a monthly free and you instantly have the option to order movies online that will get sent to you within days. Best part, no late fees and you can order several movies at a time. No wonder movie rental places are going out of business, because movie rental subscriptions are dominating.

Some of the best features of Netflix include its online video streaming. There are several movies offered for viewing directly from your own computer. That means you don’t even have to wait a few days to receive that DVD you have wanted to watch. However, there is a downside to the online streaming because it doesn’t offer every choice of movie to watch. But, if you are craving a classic oldie Netflix online streaming is most likely a place where you can watch it. Not only does Netflix offer movies, but you can also watch TV shows.

Besides watching a tv show or movie at the convience of your computer or waiting for the DVD to arrive at your place, another way to watch a movie from your Netflix subscription is if you have a XBoX or playstation 3 video game console.

Watching movies is now, cheap, convenient, and even more relaxing since you can do so out of your own home.