So I had my presentation Wednesday, and I thought it went alright.  I was kinda disapointed because some of my slides did not show up when I was giving my presentation so it kind of threw me off, it was weird because they  were there when I looked over it the day I created it.  It didnt really make sense to me, but it worked out in the end and I was still able  to discuss things that didnt have a slide. I thought my topic about facebook and advertising was different and interesting. The class seemed engaged and participated in the discussion after. I thought the class was interested because I brought  to their attention the way facebook targets their audience and the class realized that the ads that show up on their page really are tailored to them. I thought i was pretty prepared for my presentation and was able to give an engaging presentation to the class.  If I were to do it differently I would make sure that my slideshow was working and had all of my slides that needed to be on there.

Overall, It turned out pretty well regardless of the missing slides, and I think they class was pretty interested in my topic.