For my final project I wanted to create a blog for sales club. Because I am the VP marketing for sales club, I wanted to create a new way to market to current or potential sales club memebers. I thought making a blog would be something new, different, and a fun way to market our club and get other memebers more involved and post their opinions about sales club. For each meeting, I posted a description of the company who was coming to speak for that week. The only down fall with this was that the blog was put together later in the quarter, which meant our autumn quarter line up was near finished for the quarter. However, I would like to continue writing in this blog for winter and spring quarter & hopefully get it going so that other people can join & start posting. It is just too new & sales club was wrapping up for the quarter by the time I completed my project. Other than the company line up for the week, I included pages: what sales club is, why join it, and our company partners. I linked our facebook group, website, and a the page for the sales certificate program on my first post. I would eventually like to have this blog linked to our website so people who are checking out the website can click on our blog. Overall, I am really excited to have created a new marketing tool for sales club. I have informed the other sales club officiers about this blog and they were all really excited about it. I really hope to get this blog up and going and potentially have people posting on it.